Meet the Team
The studio owners behind your new favorite tool.

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Ally Bree

Ally has been with StudioBookings since inception. Ally is very passionate in her belief that every small to medium-sized studio owner should be afforded the tools to make running their studio stress-free and profitable. Ally has been practicing yoga for over 14 years and has been a teacher (ERYT) since 2007. When not in the 'office', Ally is usually spending time with her two daughters while coming up with more awesome ways to make StudioBookings even better. Ally was a corporate lawyer in Boston before joining StudioBookings. Kindness and simplicity are two words that Ally lives by.


Ainsley Thompson


Ainsley's relentless goal is to provide every wellness and fitness studio with an easy-to-use but robust online system, allowing easy access and management of their studio's financials, classes and memberships at minimal cost. With this passion, StudioBookings has grown into a much loved global company. Ainsley has been a part of the wellness industry for over 20 years. He is also a marathoner, cyclist and snowboarder. Prior to starting StudioBookings, Ainsley was a Wall Street executive for over 11 years. He has a MBA in Finance. When you meet Ainsley, the first things you will notice are his calm demeanor and his warm smile.


Lidia Adams

Before Lidia came on board full-time with StudioBookings, she was the owner of one of the first three studios that ever used StudioBookings. Lidia is now our expert product person and the person that keep everything and everyone in order, relaxed and having fun. There is no shortage of laughs and homemade cookies and brownies for the team when Lidia is around. Lidia is also a seasoned marathoner and Pilates and yoga practioner.   



Kaeli Yarwood

Kaeli is our customer care guru and social media expert. She is a certified Hatha Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer and Creative Content Writer. If you have questions about our software or need a demo, Kaeli is here to assist with any relative needs.


Amy Delano

Amy has the best marathon time of the team. Loves all types of yoga practice. Running twice daily and providing top level support to all StudioBookings customer questions and inquiries are two of her favorite things.  Amy has been with StudioBookings from the start. 


Sean Zito

After spending time in the support department, Sean realized his true calling is in sales and promoting our wonderful product. He is of the belief, and we agree, that every studio should be using StudioBookings.